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Rail Buddy provides you the Conductor:

1.      Current Speed in Miles per Hour or Kilometers per Hour.  Know every instant the train's speed, not just at a single point!

2.      Comparison Speed - is the current speed higher or lower than the average speed.

3.      Odometer - Total distance traveled in the flat car's total operation.  From this schedule maintenance on the track (cleaning).

4.      Distance for a single trip - Distance traveled since the data was last reset.  Know your total length of track or length of a complicated run!

5.      Maximum speed - Peak speed since last date reset.

6.      Average speed - Calculated for you since the last data reset.

7.      Time Moving - Total run time or time in motion since data was last reset.  From this know and schedule maintenance on the Engine.

8.      And you can calculate the Lap Count by taking a long run and dividing it yourself by a single trip, either in time or distance.